Tuesday, 4 November 2008

participate in the pacific freedom forum

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Participation in the Pacific Freedom Forum is simple - simply apply to be a part of our regional online forum.

Apply here, giving details of current professional interests to the focus areas of the PFF.

Alternatively, you can leave a comment below, expressing support for the aims of the forum - criticism also welcome!

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  1. Ma-halo, vina-a va-alevu Lisa,
    Freedom of speech, expression is am must. However, Media plays na major role in fair reporting. As a Pacific Islander, respect is a must. Take the issues of the American Media, ex: MSNBC, they tend to play the bias game on reporting rather than facts. FOX channel, wonderful reporting & never bias. BBC begining to stoop like the MSNBC. Believe the MEDIA holds the power of fair reporting & why not stay at that level. For my Vanua - FIJI, we need to support & not allow pressure from outside lead us astray. Let Fiji be Fiji. Vinaka.


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