Thursday, 29 December 2016

PFF tributes for two press legends


oseah philemon and susuve laumaea

Giants: Oseah Philemon and Susuve Laumaea were two giants of the Papua New Guinea press – PFF is paying tribute to their long careers promoting media freedom. Photo / LoopPNG. 


“.. the passing of these two legends is a huge loss not just to Papua New Guinea but to the Pacific regional media scene”

Friday, 29th December 2016

Pacific Freedom Forum is joining tributes to two leading media icons of Papua New Guinea, after they both died within days of each other this month.

“Like most icons, both men had numerous nicknames across the huge range of people they knew, helped and loved, at all levels of society” says PFF Chair Monica Miller.

“Known most affectionately by their acronyms – OP and SL – the passing of these two legends is a huge loss not just to Papua New Guinea but to the Pacific regional media scene.”

Miller says Philemon and Laumaea made many contributions to regional awareness in support of media freedom, and the vital role the Fourth Estate plays in national development.

PFF’s statement on Oseah Philemon can be found here.

PFF’s statement on Susuve Laumaea can be found here.


Monica Miller
PFF Chair
News Director
South Seas Broadcasting
American Samoa

Netani Rika
PFF Coordinator
Communications Director
Pacific Council of Churches Fiji

Jason Brown
PFF Editor
Islands Business correspondent
Aotearoa, New Zealand


The Pacific Freedom Forum is a regional and global online network of Pacific media colleagues, with the specific intent of raising awareness and advocacy of the right of Pacific people to enjoy freedom of expression and be served by a free and independent media. We believe in the critical and basic link between these freedoms, and the vision of democratic and participatory governance pledged by our leaders in their endorsement of the Pacific Plan and other commitments to good governance. In support of the above, our key focus is monitoring threats to media freedom and bringing issues of concern to the attention of the wider regional and international community.

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