Sunday, 22 June 2014

FIJI: PIDF media ban will incur credibility cost, warns PFF

RARATONGA, Cook Islands, Sunday, 22 June -- A decision to deny accreditation to last week's meeting of the newly formed Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) for a top regional journalist based in Fiji has been condemned for its lack of process and transparency by regional media alerts group, the Pacific Freedom Forum, PFF.

"The decision to deny accreditation to Islands Business group editor-in-chief Samisoni Pareti to the forum without providing reasons or process to allow him right of appeal is a revealing trend that the media restrictions of the host country of the PIDF are part of the parcel governing this new body," says PFF Chair Titi Gabi, of PNG.

"We call on the PIDF to explain to the Pacific nations it claims to represent why they are effectively unable to find out what is happening at an apparently high-level event. A leading member of the Pacific press corps has been banned without reason, from reporting on a major event in his own country," says Gabi. 

"This demonstrates an appalling lack of basic knowledge of how the media serve the public interest in reporting what leaders are doing and saying at these costly meetings. Importantly, it will also incur a credibility cost for the fledgling organisation at a time when it most needs to be seen to be independent of its host country politics," she says.

The online media network covering Pacific journalists and media practitioners is also worried about the future of the two University of the South Pacific (USP) academics who chose to speak out in a privately-issued press statement. 

Acting head of Journalism Patrick Craddock and lecturer Dr Matthew Thompson have broken the long silence from the University with a strongly-worded statement raising their concerns on regime intimidation of journalists in the lead up to the general elections.

"We commend Craddock and Dr Thompson for making a stand for journalistic integrity and academic freedom by breaking the silence on what is happening to journalism, journalists, and free speech in Fiji," says PFF co-chair Monica Miller of American Samoa. 

"Again, we remind Fiji that it is a host country to agencies that belong to the Pacific, which economically benefits from these regional agencies. We also remind regional agencies that they must be mindful of their Pacific mandate and not allow host-country policies -- or in the case of Fiji- military decrees-- to dictate the regional interest."



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