Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Govt must step up investigation into journalist deaths in Indonesia: PFF

Pacific Freedom Forum, Rarotonga-- The Pacific Freedom Forum is expressing grave concern about the deaths of three colleagues in two Indonesia provinces in recent weeks.
“Indonesia needs to see these deaths as a wake up call,” says PFF chair Susuve Laumaea.
In particular, PFF joins international groups like the International Federation of Journalists, Reporters Sans Frontiers, and UNESCO in condemning the deaths and calling for investigations by Jakarta.
"Indonesia's government must ensure enough resources are given to independently investigate recent deaths of the three journalists in West Papua and Maluku," says Laumaea, based in Papua New Guinea.
Deaths of environmental journalists Ardiansyah Matra’is and Muhammad Syaifulla in Papua were followed by that of TV reporter, Ridwan Salamun after filming a confrontation between villagers in Maluku.
PFF says the deaths cannot be treated as singular events.
They take place against a background of decades of extensively documented human rights abuses in Indonesia, where Papua journalists have received numerous death threats for uncovering illegal logging, mining and environmental destruction.
From Pagopago, co-chair Monica Miller says PFF members “join our colleagues and cousins in west Papua in their sadness and loss.”
“All three deaths are the more serious, stemming from their professional duties with the first two receiving multiple death threats,” she says.
“Concerns over an alleged lack of independent investigation are very strong on the ground,” says Miller, noting a “boycott” by Jayapura media.
“Local journalists boycotting police stories sends a powerful message to the international community: human rights are breaking apart in a vital region worth many billions to Indonesia and the global economy.”
PFF members strongly support the right of West Papua media to protest alleged cause of death in their colleagues disappearance, as well as express concerns over threats against news media and others.
“This is freedom of speech, plain and simple” says Miller.-- ENDS

Country background:
“West Papua” is common media reference to distinguish the Indonesian province from Papua New Guinea, the other half of this large Melanesian island. Now officially known as “Papua”, the western half was changed from West New Guinea (1962–63), West Irian (1963–73), Irian Jaya (1973–2001), and Papua (2002–2003). Districts within Papua are also routinely redrawn and renamed by Indonesian authorities.

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